Terms Conditions

1. IDEAS visa counselling fee is non-refundable
2. IDEAS does not guarantee visa success to any student.
3. IDEAS will not be held responsible for failure to obtain student entry visa into the Country of study.
4. The right to issue student visa lies with the High Commission of the Country of study.
5. Giving false or misleading information has very grave consequences such as a 10 year ban, forfeiture of tuition deposit. IDEAS will
not be responsible for such outcomes.
6. Students are expected to have complete and proper documentation. IDEAS will not accept any liability for failure in this area.
7. IDEAS accepts no legal liability for the outcome of the visa application process or its ancillaries.
8. All necessary documents for visa application must be submitted before processing commences.
9. It is imperative for the student to contact IDEAS within a week of receiving your offer letter to avoid closure of file.
10. In case of transfer of funds to the institution, it is the responsibility of the student to verify with the Bank the exact amount credited
to the institution’s account.
11. Tuition deposit should be paid within 2 weeks of the arrival of the offer letter or as stipulated in the offer letter.
12. Tuition and accommodation payments are NOT to be paid to IDEAS. Payments should be made directly to institutions concerned.
13. IDEAS will acknowledge receipt of Bank draft, while receipt of payment will be issued by the institution as indicated on the offer letter
14. It is the responsibility of the client to inform IDEAS about their travel dates in order to enable IDEAS notify the applicant institution.