IDEAS will co-own the student data for all student enquiries generated by partners (subject to the student signing a data protection form giving their consent for IDEAS to have access to their data)

IDEAS will be responsible for all maintenance costs and to ensure that the building is kept in a professional and suitable condition for work at all times. This will include the internal and external décor of the building, power supplies, internet and so on

IDEAS will provide scanners/photocopiers and any additional kit deemed to be required by the partners in your office/s. However, partners will provide all signage (internal and external) for each site and also laptops/phones for each staff member employee

IDEAS will provide a meeting room in each Education House where (for example) travelling In-House Reps
can meet with students; IDEAS will provide a receptionist in each centre for the initial point of contact of students coming through the door
and to log all incoming student enquiries into a suitable CRM

IDEAS will complete initial vetting of potential candidates for a role within a partner’s office. However, the onward interviewing and selection process will be solely down to the partner (subject to compliance with local employment laws)

Dismissal and disciplinary action against any of the partner's centre's employees will be the sole responsibility of the partner. It will also be the responsibility of the partner to inform a member of the IDEAS management team of this fact. It will be the sole responsibility of IDEAS to carry out such dismissal and disciplinary action.

Centre 1 Centre 1 + Centre 2 Centre 1 + Centre 2 + Centre 3 Centre 4
Full Price AED 70,000 Full Price AED 70,000 25% discount AED 52,500 Full Price AED 70,000 25% discount AED 52,500 50% discount AED 52,500 Free Free

Please note: The above costs only cover centre costs and do not include staffing costs.
Employment rates will differ in each centre. Please ask a member of the IDEAS Management Team for further information