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Visa Counselling

There will be two levelsof visa counselling services available:

  • A complimentary service; and
  • A premium service

Complimentary Service (Standalone visa counselling with no document checks) Student will be accepted with documentation at face value.

Premium Service (Document check - a charge of US$250 (or the equivalent in local currency)
The premium service will include:

  • Verifying the authenticity of the student's academic records;
  • Checking the student's recent travel history;
  • Considering a student's medical track record and requesting them to attend a medical where appropriate or required;
  • Verifying that a student (or their sponsor) has funding to cover the cost of the course and other associated costs.
Visa Counselling

Virtual Counselling

IDEAS realise that many students will not live near a visa counselling centre. These students will be catered for by experienced virtual counsellors who will apply the exact same process as conducted in our complimentary service but using document scanning and counselling via Skype

Vr Counselling

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