Our Education Houses

IDEAS will initially make available non-agency branded buildings ("Education Houses") in all major cities where we currently have a market presence, namely Ghana (West/West Africa to include Bukino Faso, Cameroon, Cote D'Ivoire, Gambia, Liberia and Sierra Leone), Nigeria (East/West Africa to include Cameroon and Togo), Kenya (East Africa to include Tanzania and Uganda), Pakistan (Afghanistan and Bangladesh). IDEAS will be seeking complete coverage of the African continent in due course and expect further centres to be established in both Central and South Africa;

No restrictions (including any agency that you wish to represent the institution) will be placed on partners as to whom they work with or how they want to do business. The job of IDEAS is to help build your institution brand and to maximise opportunity for business growth;

The goal of IDEAS is to have a heavy commitment to excellence on conversion. Our conversion teams will be given stiff but achievable targets on offer letters to visa success ratios, hence the line suggesting that IDEAS will reserve the right not to accept a student who is at serious risk of not receiving the student visa. We would respectfully suggest that this would add value to your commitment to international governments regarding visa rejection cases or non-enrolments;

Partners will have their normal full control over who is to be considered a suitable academic student for any one of their programmes of study;

IDEAS will make available to partners the links already established in local schools, colleges, universities, scholarship boards and so on (through the locally appointed marketing manager);

From 2018 onwards, IDEAS will run bi-annual education exhibitions in most IDEAS centres. Costs to partners will be limited to contributions to venue, staff movement/accommodation and marketing expenses. It is expected that only IDEAS partners will be invited to attend these exhibitions.

IDEAS will produce marketing videos in conjunction with performing partners at a shared cost.

Centre 1 Centre 1 + Centre 2 Centre 1 + Centre 2 + Centre 3 Centre 4
Full Price AED 70,000 Full Price AED 70,000 25% discount AED 52,500 Full Price AED 70,000 25% discount AED 52,500 50% discount AED 52,500 Free Free

Please note: The above costs only cover centre costs and do not include staffing costs.
Employment rates will differ in each centre. Please ask a member of the IDEAS Management Team for further information