As an agency, PFL has always seen itself as providing quality students of financial means in a qualitative manner to its core partnership base. PFL now wishes to offer partners a clear run at either a country or regional market/s, backed by our experience, local company presence and extensive visa expertise. We wish to do so to increase your net student body per country/region and with as little risk to you, the partner, as possible.

Core Values

Commitment to Individual and Collective Excellence
Investing in society
Customer loyalty
Improving the organisation
Love for education

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Over the years PFL has appreciated that many partners have indicated to us that they would like their own dedicated local team to drive their brand in large markets such as Nigeria or Pakistan. However, they have not found a completely suitable solution for high conversion rates and low visa rejection rates. From this IDEAS International Development of Education and Services (by PFL) was born.

Our Management

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Having come out of the Royal Air Force (RAF) Lawrie’s parents both became teachers. Lawrie himself took a Bachelors of Education degree in the early 1990’s and enjoys Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) to ‘A’ level standard in Business Studies and Economics. Having joined a private college as an International Officer in 1996/97, Lawrie then set up the fore-runner to PFL in October 1997 meaning that he enjoys around 15 years of relevant industry experience.

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M. SHANKAR IQBALDirector, Finance & Operations - GROUP

Shahkar joined PFL after completing his MBA degree in Finance from Birmingham City University and has in-depth knowledge and expertise of Financial Management. He provides the senior management with financial decision-making information by gathering and analyzing financial information, developing projections and alternatives. He has been working with PFL as Group Finance Manager since 2009. Shahkar has been promoted as Director, Finance & Operations with effect from 28th March 2017. In addition to his current role in Finance he now oversees company operations, ensuring all the projects are completed on-time and with in the budget. Creates and enhance company-wide strategic plans and business model, leading across all aspects of the company by reveiwing how departments work together to reach company goals.